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Why do you sometimes see a rainbow in the spray of a sprinkler or a fountain?
The drops of water refract and separate light into the colors of the spectrum.
Visible light waves are part of a _______ of waves.
A smooth, flat, shiny surface does what to light waves?
Why can we see clearly?
1. We have eyes.
2. There is light.
3. The lens focuses light waves.
What happens to the pupil of the eye in bright light?
It becomes smaller.
A picture of an object made by a mirror or lens is a what?
As you walk from the sunny outdoors into a darkened room, what happens to your eyes?
The pupil becomes smaller in the darkened room.
An object that is red when white light shines on it does what?
Absorbs all colors but red.
The light from the moon is ________ sunlight?
Which color is not a pure color in the visible light spectrum?
Name an object that blocks light.
A wooden door.
translucent object
object that lets some light through such as wax paper
Focuses light waves in the eye.
part of the eye that regulates the amount of light that enters the eye
Concave Lens
lens that are thinner in the middle than on the edges.
Convex Lens
Lens that is thicker in the middle than on the edges.
objects that allow no light through
the substance in ink or paint that gives it color
When you are in the sun, why do you feel cooler in white clothing than you do in black clothing?
White relfects light and black absorbs light.
Why do leaves appear green?
All of the colors are absorbed by the leaf except green.