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What two elements make up the majority of air
Nitrogen and oxygen
Where are elevation and altitude always measured from
Sea level
What is a gas that makes up less than 1% of air's composition
Carbon Dioxide
What is the difference between ozone and oxygen
Oxygen has 2 atoms of oxygen, and ozone has 3 atoms of oxygen
What is the difference between atmosphere and air
Atmosphere is the envelope of gases that covers a planet where as air is made up of gases that are essential to life and found only on earth.
As you decrease in altitude what happens to air pressure
It increases
As you decreases in altitude what happens to the density of air
It increases
As you increase in altitude what happens to the density of the air
It decreases
As you increase in altitude what happens to the air pressure
It decreases
What is key in making an accurate measurement
estimating one place
What is weather
The condition of the atmosphere at a particular time and place
What is space with nothing in it called
The air pressure in a vacuum is
Nothing (complete) low (partial)
What happens to the boiling point of water when you decrease the air pressure
It becomes lower
What is the order of the layers of the atmosphere, top to bottom
1) Troposphere 2) Stratosphere 3) Mesosphere 4) Thermosphere
What is important about the stratosphere
It contains ozone nad absorbs ultraviolet light
What is the layer of the atmosphere that is divided into two layers
What are the names of each of these layers
Ionosphere and Exosphere
What is important about the troposphere
It contains the most air molecules (this is the layer we live in)
Why is the mesosphere important
It burns up meteoroids and prevents most from damaging earth
What are three reasons our atmosphere is important
1) It regulates temperature so that water stays in liquid form 2) It protects us from radiation 3) It holds gases needed for life: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.
How do we know air has mass
When you weigh a balloon without air and then blow it up and weigh it again, it weighs more. Air also has molecules as well as particles of dust and liquid and these things have mass
How does a suction cup stay on a smooth surface
When you press it down, you force the air out, and it is "sealed" to the surface and creates a partial vacuum. Therefore the air on top pushes it down and there is no air inside to push it up