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a substance that cannot e broken by chemical or physical means
smallest part of element that has all characteristics of the element
the center of an atom made of protons and neutrons-contains most of mass in atom
particle with a positive charge in the nucleus with mass
particle with a neutral charge in the nucleus with mass
particle with a negative charge surrounding the nucleus with no mass
atomic number
number of protons in atom (defines element)
mass number
combined number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom
atomic mass
average of the mass numbers of the isotopes of an element
atoms of the same element that have different mass numbers and the same chemical properties
composed of 2 or more atoms held together
What measurement can the unit "grams" be used for?
What measurement can the unit "mL" be used for?
What measurement can the unit "lbs" be used for?
What measure can the unit "lbs/mL" be used for?
List three versions of the density formula using mathematical symbols.
D=M/V, M=DxV, & V=M/D
What is the density of water?
1 gram per cubic centimeter or 1 gram per mililiter
What is the density of a fluid that occupies a volume of 60 mL and has a mass of 12 grams?
5 grams per mililiter
If the density of a certain plastic used to make a bracelet is 1.20 grams per cubic centimeter, what mass would a bracelet of .5 cubic centimeters have? Would this bracelet float or sink in water?
.60 grams per cubic centimeter. It would float in water
State the components of a scientific paper in order of first to last.
Title, abstract, introduction, materials & methods, results, disscussion, acknowledgements, literature cited, appendix
What are the results in a scientific paper, and what do they include?
Description of findings; includes charts and graphs
What is an independent variable?
The variable the experimenter controls or chooses.
What is a dependent variable?
The outcome variable-the variable that you think may be affected by the independent variable