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Cartliage is a __ that cushions__
tissue bones
Tendon__'s bones to__
connects, muscle
Ligaments connect__ to __
bone bone
what are the three types of joints.
The hing the ball and socket and non-moving.
what is an example of the following joints
-hinge -ball and socket -nonmoving
- The elbow & knee -shoulder & pelvis -skull.
Bone Marrow produces what bodies.
Antibodies, and red blood cells
What is the function of the skeltal system.
To provide the frame work of your body.
When muscles contract, what happens?
It ,makes he shorter, and get hot.
Where is smooth muscle found?
It's found in the liver, stomach,and viens.
What is the difference between voluntary, and involuntary muscles.
the difference is that involuntary muscles can't be controlled, while voluntary can.
What are some actions of voluntary, and Involuntary muscles.
voluntary- walking, standing still,and frowning or smiling.
involuntary- your heart beeting
What structures are in the dermis and the epedermis.
Moles, and pours are found in the epedermis, and sweat glands, ahd muscles in the dermis.
The Esophagus is?
a tube about 25 cm. long.
The stomach is a
a sausage shaped bag that digests food.
In the __ absorption takes place.
small intestine
What does the large intestine absorb water from.
the undigested mass.
The parts of the alimimentry canal, startng with the nouth are.
It starts at th pharynx, and goes down the esophogus into the stomach, to the duodeneum, through th small and large intestine, and out the anus.
how does blood go through te heart.
the right side of your heart pumps oxegen poor bood to yuor lungs to get oxegen, while the left side pumps oxegen-ridh blood to your internal organs, and legs.
Capilliaries are __ __ that connect __ and__.
blood vessels, Arteries, Viens.
What percent of your blood is solid componets, and plasma.
-Plasma 55% -solid componets 45%
Where does a drop of blood go throught the heart.
Blood first enters th rght atrium.Then through the Right Venticle, and passes throught the pulminary arterie, into the lungs, the pulmanary viens then bring the blood back to the heart, where it enters the left atrium, and finially into the aortia.
name all organs of excretion.
the small intestine, large intestine, and the colon.
The parts of the Urinary System are:
-The Bladder -Ureters -Kidneys
What are there functions?
Bladder- organ that holds urine
Ureters- Takes urine to bladder
Kidneys- filters waste from cells.