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Why is natural frequency important?
1.all things in the universe have a natural frequency,& many things have more than one.
2.If you know an object's natural frequency, you know how it will vibrate.
3.If you know how an object vibrates, you know what kinds of waves it will create.
4.If you want to make specific kinds of waves, you need to create objects with natural frequencies that match the waves you want.
What factors do natural frequency depend on?
1. Tightness
2. Length
3. Weight of a string
we can change any of the natural factors that affect the size, inertia, or forces in the system.
What are the four wave interactions?
1. Reflection-the wave can bounce off and to in a new direction.

2. Refraction- The wave can pass straight into and through the obstacle.

3. Diffraction- The wave can bend around or through holes in the obstacle

4. Absorption- The wave can be absorbed and disappear.
How are waves affected by bounaries?
Waves are affected by boundaries where conditions chang.
What is Reflection?
The process of bouncing a wave off a boundary
What is Refraction?
The process of bending a wave as it crosses a boundary
What is Diffraction?
It is what happens when a wave bends around obstacles or through holes
What is Absorption?
The process where a wave gets smaller and smaller
What is wavelength?
The length of one complete wave
What is natural frequency?
A special condition where the frequency(or frequencies) at which objects vibrate if they are disturbed
What is resonance?
A special condition where the frequency you push matches the natural frequency of the system, resulting in large amplitude waves
Describe Boundary
A place where a wave changes suddenly