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What is a force
A push or pull in a certain direction
What does the SI unit measure force in
Newtons (N)
What are balanced forces
Forces that are equal and opposite (no motion)
What are unbalanced forces
Forces that are unequal or unbalanced ***the object will move in the direction of the net force***
What is friction
The force that opposes motion
What are the four types of friction
Static; Sliding; Rolling; and Fluid
What is static friction
Friction between two objects that aren't moving
What does static mean
Not moving
What is sliding friction
Friction that occurs when two surfaces are moving past each other
What is rolling friction
Friction that involves wheels
Which is greater sliding or rolling friction
What is fluid friction
Friction that involves either a liquid or a gas ***reduces the amount of friction***
What is an example of fluid friction reducing the amount of friction
You can move a boat on water, but not on land