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What is the Cell Theory?
:all organisms are composed of one or more cells
:Thet cell is the basic unit of life in all living things
: All cells come from excisiting cells
What is a Cell Membrane.
A surrounding around the cell. Controls that passing of the cell and the cell's environment.
What are organelles?
Structures inside the cell, that are copied for reproduction.
What is Cytoplasm?
The fluid that creates the mess of the cell
What is the Nucleus?
It is a Membraned covered organelle that holds the cells DNA.
What are prokaryotic cells?
Cells that do not have a nucleus
:No membrane covered organelles
:Circular DNA
What are Eukaryotic Cells?
:Cells that have a necleus
: Membrane covered organelles
:Linear DNA
: All other cells
What is Bacteria?
Procaryotic Cells are also known as bacteria, they are the smallest cells in the world