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Nearly all types of bones in the human body can be classified in to 4 cateorgies/types what are they
Long Bones
Short Bones
Flat Bones
Irrigular bones
What 2 types of osseous tissue is bones composed of
compact(dense bone)
spongy ( cancellous bone)
* most bones contain boath tissues
the fibrous menbrane that covers modt of the bone surface packed w 'nerves and blood vessels that suply the hard bone
the process that transformes embryonic tissue into cartillage of bone
the process in which a newborn baby or young humans bones harden
the branch of medecne that deals with bone developmwnt and disease
A _________________ can determine the sex and the approximatr height of an indivisual by examineing the femur skull and pelvis
thyroid produces a hormone called ___ that simulate osteogenic cells an d induce bone foramation
what is a bone Graft
where a peice of bone is transplanted from one part of the himan skelton to the otherwhere it is needed to inprove functions of strengenthen that area
autologous transplant
a transplant involving tissue from the same tissue to an Identical twin
a transplant of bone marrow from another person ie stranger is reffered to as
allogeneic transplant
what a stem cell ?
DUH! a cell
Bone Pathology : Osteoporosis
the most prevalent bone disease