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What is constructive forces
Process where Earth is built up by new mountains or new landforms
Surtsey island that formed
What is destructive forces
Process where mountains or landforms are being worn down
Waves on Surtsey's shoreline
What is a continent
Large land mass that is surrounded by sea
There are 7 continents
What is a rock
The material that makes up earth's hard surface
There is a lot of it
What is a geologist
A person who studies teh forces that make and shape Earth
A scientist who studies teh Earth
What is Geology
The study of teh forces that make and shape Earth
You can study this in school
What is convection and give examples
Heat transfer in a movment of a heated fluid
oven, and a convection current
If you touch a heated______
What is conduction and give examples
Heat transfer through direct contact
heated sand, stove, warm water, burn yourself, heated blankets and grill
If you _____ something hot ( It burns you!)
What is density
The amount of mass in a particular volume
density= mass divided by volume
What is a convection current
The movement of fluid caused by different temperatures that transfer heat from one part of teh fluid to another
convection currents in the manlte, boiling water
When in science class Mr. Gorske boiled water with saw dust
What is radiation and give examples
Heat transfer through a open space
heat from the sun, microwave, fire, radiator and oven
The sun is a example of radiation
What is heat transfer
The movement of energy from a warmer object to a cooler object
It is heat that is transfered
Who was Alfred Wegener
He was a German scientist who propsed the hypothesis of Continental Drift
People rejected his idea
What is Continetal Drift
It was the hypothesis that states all o fthe Earth's continents were once joined in a single land mass and have since been slowly drifting apart
What is Pangaea
Proposed time when all land masses were connected
"Super Continent" All land in Greek, Pan "all", gaea "goddess or Earth"