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What do we use to measure temperature?
a thermometer
What is the temperature at which water freezes?
32 degrees F
What is water in a solid form called?
What is water in liquid form called?
What is room temperature?
72 degrees F
What is normal body temperature?
98.6 degrees F
What is the temperature at which water freezes?
212 degrees F
What are the three states of matter?
solid, liquid, gas
What is temperature?
Temperature is how hot or cold an object is.
What are the three parts of the water cycle?
evaporation,condensation, precipitation
What is water in a gaseous form called?
water vapor or steam
When an object soaks up sunlight what will happen to its temperature?
It will get warmer.
What color shirt would you wear on a hot day if you wanted to feel cooler?
a white or light colored shirt
Why is my grass dry by noon each day? What happens to the dew?
The grass is dry because the dew evaporates.
All deserts have one thing in common - what is it?
They are all very dry.
What colors reflect sunlight?
White and light colors reflect sunlight.
Why would you feel very hot if you wore a black shirt on a hot day?
Black and dark colored shirts absorb sunlight.
How much rain does a desert get in one year?
less than 15 centimeters
Rain, sleet, hail, etc. are examples of what?
A puddle drying up is an example of what?
The wetness on my grass in the early morning is called (?).
What is condensation?
Condensation is when water changes from a gas to a liquid.
What is matter?
Anything that takes up space is matter.
Where does a cactus store water?