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Magnets attract objects made of this.
(iron, other metals)
These are the names of the two poles of magnets.
north, south)
When two magnets attract, this means that these two poles are pointing toward each other.
opposites, or north and south)
The needle on a compass always points in this direction.
When you hold the north poles of two magnets near each other, they will do this to each other.
Animals appear to sleep through the winter when they do this.


400 -

600 - (They must move to find food or starve.)

1000 -
400 - When animals move to warmer areas for the winter, they do this.
600 - Animals living in the polar regions are often this color.
Bears spend the winter in one of these.
Animals blend into their surroundings because of this.
200 - The area in which an animal lives is called this.
When animal families no longer exist, we say they have become this.
When an animal's food supply is gone, this might happen.
They must move to find food or they will starve
800 - One of the theories concerning the disappearance of the dinosaurs.
(meteor, climate changes, etc.)
Interdependence of living things means this.
Living things depend on other living things to live