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The moon's rotation is equal to what?
period or revolution
it's equal to something that starts with a r
The moon's period or revolution
27.3 days
it's equal to the moon's rotation
Time from one moon phase to the next
29.5 days
more than the period of revolution and rotation
why is the time between the moon phase to moon phase is different to the time of revolution or rotation?
while the earth moves in its orbit the moon has to catch up with it so it takes 2.2 days for it to catch up.
the earth moves on it's orbit too
How long does it take for the moon to move 13 degrees?
50 minutes
in minutes
What are the phases of the moon?
New moon
waxing cresent
waxing first quarter
waxing gibbus
full moon
waning gibbus
waning third quarter
waning cresent
there are eight of them
why does the earth only see one side of the moon?
because the moon only spins once in its revolution
come on!!
If the moon is seen on 8:00pm on 11/15 when is the next time you will see the moon at the same position? why?
(50 minutes later next day)at 8:50 pm on 11/17. wHy: those
add something and a day
What is the penumbra?
one shadow
what is the umbra
double shadow
when the moon and sun are aligned (sun moon earth) >>> light who gets the partial eclipsE?
the people in the penumbra
What is an annular ecilpse?
when the moon is the farthest away and doesnt cover the egdes of the sun
if it is moon earth sun than what would the tides be?
west high tide
east high tide
north low tide
south low tide
h and l