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What did Eriwin Chargaff contribute to discovering DNA?
He discovered that the amount of Adenine in a DNA molecule = the amount of Thymine and the amount of Guanine = the amount of Cytosine.
What did Chargaff name these discoveries?
Chargaff's rules.
What did Maurice Wilkins and Roaslind Franklin both contribute to discovering DNA?
They both used xrays to see the spiral shape (double helix)
Did Maurice and Rosalind like eachother?
Who is James Watson and Francis Crick
They built the first DNA Molecule structure
Who won the Nobel Prize for DNA?
Watson Crick and Wilkins
What is a Nucleotide made up of
Sugar Phosphate and base
What are the 4 bases in a DNA strip
adenine thymine guanine cytosine
If you are talking about mRNA what is the subsitute for thymine?
what is the process wehre dna copies itself?
What is mRNA?
one half that gets copied and matched wtih tRNA
What is tRNA/
carries amino acid
what is a ribosome?
it makes proteins
what is a codon
3 bases that contain certain amino acids
what is a mutation
a change in the dna
waht is mutagens?
anything that mutates dna
give 5 examples of mutagens
radiation, x rays, abstestos, uv light and cigarette smoke
what are the 3 differnet kind of mutations
insertion deletion subsittution
what is sickle cell anemia?
a subsittuoin that changes the protein in the red blod cells (hemoglobin) changes the shape..
what are stem stells?
they are bascially cells taht don't have a task yet and are neutrual so you can put them anywehre and they can preform that task
where can you find stem cells
in adults and embryos
what is the controversy?
these stem cells could help cure many diseases but people feel that using stem cells from embryos is like killing a possible person
what is prochoice
the group of people that thinks that an embryo is not a person and is for abortion
what is prolife
thinks embryo is a person adn against abortion
what was president bush's decision?
he will fund adult stem cells unbilical stem cells and no NEW embryonic cells.