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What 3 things are in the cell theory?
1. All living things come from other living things.
2. All living things are made of cells.
3. Cells are the basic units of structurs and functions of licing things.
What is a cells main purpose?
To organize.
What layer in the cell membrane does protein float?
The bilayer.
Defin cell membrane?
What regulates what substances enter and leave the cell.
Defune cytoplasm?
The fluid that builds up in a cell. White jelly-liek substance between the nucleous and the cell membrane.
What is the command center of the cell?
Nucleus- controls all activities such as eating, movement, and reproduction.
What are the 2 types of cells?
Eurkaryotic-(defined nucleus)
Prokayotic-(no defined nucleus)
What are chromosomes?
The things that make organisms what they are. Made of DNA.
Define centriol?
Cylindar like structures, found in animal cells, which are composed ofgrouping of microtubles.