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What is force?
A push of pull that causes a changing motion.
Shauya what to wall?
What to open classroom door?
What type of force is needed to move objects with more mass, compared to objects with less mass?
You run past an object.
What is inertia?
The tendency to keep something in a straight line.
What does it take to change an object's state of motion?
p of p
What is friction?
A force of an object that one object moves past another.
If friction is taken away, what happens to an object's motion?
No force is needed to maintain motion at a steady rate.
What is Newton's First Law Of Motion (also known as the law of inertia)?
It tells us that the state of motion of an object does not change until a force is applied to it.
.....until f.... is applied to it.
What is position?
The location of an object.
L....... of O.....
What is speed?
How fast an object's motion changes.
1.32 sec
What is the formula for finding speed?
By dividing the distance by the time.
d by t
What is velocity?
The spped AND direction of a moving object.
What is the only way two objects can have the same velocity?
If the spped and the direction is the same.
How is velocity different from speed?
Velocity is objects going the same spped and the same direction and speed is the time of how fast an object's position moves.
velocity speed
What does Newton't First Law tell us about an object's velocity?
An object's velocity will remain the same unless force is applied to it.
What will remain the same?
What is a change in velocity called?
What is deceleration?
It occurs when a force causes the speed of an object to increase.
Occures when force causes what to what?
When a gas-powered model airplane is flying in a circle, does it have a constant velocity? Why?
Yes, without the strings, the model will go straight but with strings, it changes direction.
If the plane broke off its strings, what would happen? Why?
It will go in a straight line because it has velocity and velocity is the same spped and the same direction.
Straight line
Why is a force needed to keep things moving in a circle?
A force is needed to keep things moving ina circle because like the pull of gravity, if there was no force, Earth would go flying off in a straight line.
Gravity and Earth