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why did mendal study pea plants?
to show there was 3 to 1 ragio of tall plants to short. from the second generation
what was mendals ragio?
3 to 1
explain how the inheritance of traits is controlled in an organism?
the female parent contributes one factor, and the male parent contributes the other factor
can a short pea plant ever be a hybrid? explain
yes, if it inherited two reseve alleles for short stems
why is there a 1 in 2 probibility that a tossed coin will land heads up?
because there are two sides
if a pea plant's genotype is Tt, what is its phenotype?
how is probiblity related to genetics?
mendal was the first scientist to recognize that the principles of probiblity can be used to predict the resultes of genetic crosses
how are Punnet squares useful to genetics
they used punnet square to show all of the possible outcomes of a genetic cross and to determine aprobability to a particular outcomes
a white cow is crossed with a red bull. the cow is nether white nor red, but roan. explain how this happens.
the genes on a chromosome contral an organism's traits