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how does the numbering of chromosomes in a grasshopper's sex cells compare to the number of chromosomes in its body cells?
they have exactly half the number of chromosomes found in itsbody cells
explain the role of chromosomes in inheritance.
genes are carried from parents to their offspring on chromosomes
briefly describe what happens to chromosomes during meiosis
during meiosis, the chromosomes pair sperate and are distributed to two different cells. The resulting sex cells have only half as many chromosomes as the other cells in the organism
on what structure in a cell are genes located?
what is the main function of genes
to pace inherited traits down to there offspring
what is the function of transfer RNA
carries ammino acids and adds them to the growing protein
how do the nitrogen bases along a gene serve as a genetic code
the order of the nitrogen bases along a gene forms a genetic code that specifices what type of protein will be produced
brefly describe the process by which a cell produces proteins. {protein synthesis}
dna plus amino acids = proteins
what possible effects can a mutation have on organism?
it can mess up ur trait and u will be different from what it normally would have been
where in a cell does protein synthesis take place