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"in terms of"
Relating one thing to another in a specific way. What is your favorite vehicle, in terms of street cars?
"under what circumstances"
During what kinds of situations; how something might be possible to happen.
Under what circumstances can David work at Snyder Farm.
"Distinguish the various types"
Talk about the different kinds of something and what makes them different.
Distinguish the different types of peppers.
"Understand the factors that encourage..."
Tell what things lead to more of something.
Understand the factors that encourage David to want tomake money.
to make something happen.

How did the formation of the cycling club cause David to become a stronger rider?
"Describe the process"
Tell how something happened; tell how something came to be.

Describe the process of David gaining 10 pounds.
"Factors that bring about"
"Things that make another thing happen"

What are the factors that bring about strong muscles?