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name the two scientist who came up with the cirrent structure of DNA
James watsin and Francis crick
where in the cell does protein synthesis take place
where is RNA made
List the 4 DNA bases
guanine cytosine adenine and thymine
what are the components of a nucleotide
phosphates sugar and a base
List the complementary bases of DNA
guanine cytosine adnine and thymine
List the complementary bses of RNA
guanine cytosine adnine uracil
what is the end product of protein synthesis
what is the main function of mRNA
copies the coded message from DNA in the nucleus, and carries the message into the cytoplasm
what is the main function of tRNA
carries amino acids and adds them to the growing protein
what makes up amino acids
what is a start codon
a group of three nucleotides (bases) that code for a spucific amino acid
Compare DNA and RNA
RNA has uricil and DNA has Thymine
Explain in detail how proteins are made. begin with DNA in the nucleus of a cell use words pictures diagrams
IT starts with the process of Protein synthesis.DNA combines with amino acids and makes Proteins