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How does acid rain connect to the water cycle?
Because wet deposition interfers with acid rain. Acid rain is formed by percipitation
How is acid rain connected to the carbon cycle?
Because NOx and SO2 is producted by combustion, therefore creating Acid Rain.
What are the primary acids found in acid rain?
NOx and SO2
List three effects of acid rain?
1. Damage to building materials.
2. Acidification of lakes
3. Danger to human/animal health
Molten rock beneath Earth's surface
Magma that has reached the Earth's surfance and erupted from a volcano
Large rock size fragments that erupt from volcanoes
Areas where magma reaches the Earth's surface
Tall, steep moutains made of layers of volcanic lava and ash
Cinder Cone Volcanos
Steep piles of loose pyroclasts
Geothermal Energy
Can cause geysers
Balsaltic Magma
Associated w. sheild volcanoes
Stratovolcanoes typically occue at what type of boundary?
Convergent Plate Boundaries
Shield volcanoes have what type of magma?
Basaltic magma
Hawaiian volcanoes are an example of what type of volcano?
Stratovolcanoes are associated with what type of eruption?
Quiet and Explosive
Magma that is high in silica is ______
Associated with explosive eruptions.
Convergent Boundary:
What happens to lithosphere?
Lithosphere is destroyed and mountains are formed
Divergent Boundary:
What happens to lithosphere?
New lithosphere is formed
Transform Boundary:
What is an example?
A layer of mantle that is composed to material that flows
Where seismic waves reach the earth's surface directly above focus
How deep?
What about earthquake?
Up to 50kn deep where an earthquake begins
Faunal Succession
fossils can be used to identify the relative age of layers of a rock formation
Lateral Continuity
Sediment extends in all directions when it forms rock layers
the bottom layer of rock is older than the top layer
How formed?
Formed from cooling molten rock
How formed?
Formed under intense heat or pressure
How formed?
Formed in layers from accumulated sediments
Continental Drift
the pieces of Pangea moved apart to form seven continents
Earthquakes are most likely to occur with this plate boundary....
Earthquake is location is found by determining:
the difference in arrival times between s and p waves
Give an example of a mt. formed at continental-continental plate boundary...
Mt. Everest
Why is the earth like a giant recycling machine?
when lithosphere plates are created at one boundary they are destroyed at another
What types of currents drive the rock cycle?
convection currents
What causes hot spots?
Caused by crustal plates moved over a hot plume in the mantle
What three things are associated with divergent plate boundaries?
1. mid ocean ridge
2. sea floor spreading
3. new lithosphere forming
What is the name of the two land masses formed from Pangea breaking apart?
Laurasia and Gondwanaland
Density Formula
D = M / V
Mass Formula
M = D x V
Three phases of water in order from slowest to fastest.
solid - liquid - gas
True or false?::
In the gas state, molecules move around freely.
What are the three types of convergent boundaries?