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What is a Cell Wall?
A structure that provides support to the cell membrane (Found in plant cells)
What are ribosomes?
Where amino acids are hooked together to make proteins
What is the Endoplasmic reticulum (ER)?
THis makes lipids, breaks down drugs and other substances and packages up proteins for release from the cell
What is the Mitochondria?
This breaks down food molecules to make ATP
What are the cloroplasts?
This, makes food using the energy of sunlight
What is the Golgi Complex?
Processes and transports materials out of the cell
What are the vesicles?
All eukaryotic cells have these membrane covered compartments
What is the vacuole?
stores water, and other materials,This is found in most plant cells
What are the Lysosomes?
they digest food particles, wastes , and foreign invaders
What is the Nucleus?
contains the cells DNA, and is the control center of the cell.