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What is a sudden movement in rocks that make up the Earth's crust?
What is a large mound of sand?
Sand Dune
What is the highest landform?
What occurs when weathered materials are carried away?
What is wide, flat land called?
What is a huge flow of water over land that is usually dry?
The process that causes rocks on Earth's surface to crumble, crack, and break is:
Huge masses of ice that move slowly across the land.
What is a feature of Earth's surface?
What is a violent storm with strong winds and heavy rain?
What can earthquakes cause on the land?
Earthquakes can cause landslides.
Where do earthquakes begin?
Earthquakes begin far below the Earth's surface.
What process takes a long time to change land?
Weathering and erosion change the land slowly.
If these lands are drained, our water supply may be damaged. What are these lands called?
These lands are called wetlands.
What are sometimes cut down to make room for houses?
Forests are cut down to make room for houses.
How can water make a rock crack?
Water freezes in the cracks and makes the rock break.
What is the land on the Great Plains good for?
The Great Plains are good for growing crops.
A deep, narrow valley with steep sides. Canyons often have rivers at the bottom.
A body of water with land around it is called a:
The low land between hills or mountains. Water often rushes down into valleys.
When the minerals in rocks change, what could happen to the rocks?
The rocks could break.
When the space in rock gets larger, what forms?
Weathered materials are carried greater distances by streams and ...
Weathered materials are pulled down hills and mountains by:
What type of rock does water run through in the first step of forming a cave?
What causes a small opening to form in the formation of a cave?
Chemicals in the water
How does the small opening caused by the chemicals lead to the formation of a cave?
Water washes away the weathered rocks.
Could a cave form if cracks were not in the limestone?
No, because the water could not get into the rock.
What are very large bodies of salt water?
Oceans. They cover over three-fourths of Earth's surface.
What are large streams of water that flow across the land.