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Occurs when a scientists expectations change how the results of an experiment are viewed.
In an experiment, a variable that does not change when other variable change.
Factors that changes as the independant variable changes.
Dependant variable
Organized procedure for testing a hypothesis that test the effects of one thing on another under controlled conditions.
Educated guess using what you know and what you observe.
Factor that as it change, affects the measure of another variable.
Independant variable
Can be used to represent an idea, object, or event that is too big, too small, too complex, or too dangerous to observe or test directly.
Statement about how things work in nature that seems to be true all the time.
Scientific law
Organized set of investigation procedures that can include stating a problem, forming a hypothesis, researching and gathering information, testing a hypothesis, analyzing data, and drawing conclusion.
Scientific method
Application of science to help people.
Explanation of things or events that is based on knowledge gained from may observation experiments.
Factor that can cause a change in the result of an experiment.
steps of the scientific method
Step 1: state a problem
Step 2: Gather info
Step 3: Hypothesis
Step 4: Experiment with variable
Step 5: Analyze
Step 6: Conclude
What are the 3 areas of science? Can they overlap?
Physical, Life, Earth
Yes they can
What comes first a theory or a law?