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How many chromosomes are there in a person's body cells?
Each form of a gene is called a?
Blood groups are determined by
multiples alleles
Which chromosome carries few genes for traits other than gener?
An example of a sex linkedtrait is?
male-pattern baldness
Why are there more colorblind males than there are colorblind females?
a female has to inherit 2 recessive genes for colorblindness to be colorblind. A male has to inherit only 1 gene for colorblindness to be colorblind.
What combination of alleles must a person inherit to have group O blood?
The failure of chromosome pairs to seperate during meiosis is called?
The disorder in which the blood does not clot normally is?
In amniocentesis
cells in the fluid surrounding the baby are tested for genetic disorders
Most differences between identical twins are a result of
environmental factors
In down syndrome, there is an extra chromosome on the?
21 pair
Identical twins?
develop from the same fertilized egg.
Sex linked traits are carried on the?
X chromosome
A chart that shows the relationship among individuals in a family is called a?
An example of a sex-influenced trait is?
male-pattern baldness
Which of the following shows the size, number, and shape of all the chromoses in an organism?
A pair of alleles that are equally dominant are?
Human blood groups are determine by?
3 alleles
XO is what gender combination of genotypes?
What gender combination of genotypes is XXY
What is trisomy-21?
down syndrome
Are sex influenced traits carried on the X chromosome? What is the reason why sex influenced traits are expressed differently in males and females?
No. Men have different hormones than women.