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A gene located on a sex chromosome
sex linked
Greeding by self-pollination
line breed
A gene that exerts its influence only in the presence of certain sex hormones
sex limited
A protein substance on the surface of red blood corpuscles
the founder of modern plant breeding
Luther Burbank
The condition of having a multiple of the normal number of chormosomes
A gene that is dominant in one sex and recessive in the other
sex influenced
A condition in which blood does not clot
Twins who develop from separate ferilized eggs
fraternal twins
The man who discoverd the A-B-O blood groups
The artificial crossing of two different varieties to produce a new one
careful choosing of parents from a great number on individuals
mass selection
a drug that produces polyploidy
twins who develop from a single fertilized egg
a condition resulting from the presence of an extra 21st chormosome in humans
down syndrome
The Shasta daisy, plumcot and spineless cactus were developed by?
Polyploidy can be produced artificially by using the drug?
An example of a cross between two entirely different species is?
beefalo= buffalo/horse
A pink rose on a white rose bush is the result of what kind of mutation?
bud mutation or sport
If cleavage were halted during mitosis, while nuclear division continued, the result would be?
Nondisjunction during meiosis in humans seems to produce?
down syndrome
New characteristics can appear very suddenly as a result of?
Inbreeding is also referred to as?
line breeding?
The number of chormosomes in humans is?
46 or 23 pairs
The blood type that is always evidence of a heterozygous condition is?
A person who has neither of the two basic types of agglutinogens on his red corpuscles has blood type?
Population genetics is based on determinations of?
gene frequencies
Any differences existing between identical twins are due to thier
The incidence of down syndrome tends to increase with the age of the?
phenylketonuria (PKU) is an inherited condition resulting from the absence of a single?
corresponding enzyme?
A condition of uneven polyploidy, such as 3n or 5n would result in interference with?
gamete production
Uneven segregation of chromosomes during meiosis, resulting in an abnormal number of chromosomes in gametes is?
A human with sex chromosomes XXX would probably be?
fertile female, tall, well developed, retarted
If an newborn baby has inherited two recessive genes for phenylketonuria, placing him on a diet free of phenylalanine would?
prevent the expression of the genetic defect
In the case of the sex-linked trait hemophilia, which of the following would have been impossible? (Who passing what to the son)
for the father to pass it on to the son