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the layer of air that surrounds our planet
air pressure
particles of air pressing down on earths surface
the layer of atmosphere closest to the earth
the layer of atmosphere that contains ozone and is located above the troposphere
greenhouse effect
the warming of earth caused by the atmosphere trapping thermal energy from the sun
air mass
a huge body of air which all has similar temperature and moisture
the border where two air masses meet
an instrument that measures air pressure
the amount of water vapor in the air
an instrument used to measure wind speed
4 layers of earths atmosphere
mesosphere, stratosphere, troposphere, and thermosphere
two properties of air masses
temperature and moisture
layer of atmosphere where weather occurs
characteristics of warm air
heat (temperature) and humidity (moisture content)
cold front - what it is and what happens during and after
forms when cold air mass catches up to a warm air mass. The cold air mass forces the warm air up into the atmosphere. As the warm air is pushed up, it cools and forms clouds. Rain and thunderstorms occur.
how does air pressure change as air masses move over an area?
as a front moves closer, air pressure drops. As the front moves over the area, air pressure rises.
measures the temperature of air
weather vane
shows the direction the wind is blowing (north, south, east, west)
scientist who studies weather
snowy day temperature
28 F
rainy day temperature
50 F
Hot and sunny temperature
80 F
partly cloudy temperature
65 F