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developed the earth-centered model of the universe which was believed for thirteen centuries
developed the sun-centered model of the universe
Galileo supported the sun-centered universe thoery by using a simple telescope to see ___ and ___
Jupiter and moons
what are the things that are compared on each axis of an H-R diagram? (on y-axis; x-axis)
on y-axis: brightness
on x-axis: temperature
identify the three main shapes of galaxies.
elliptical, irregular, spiral
what shape is our galaxy?
sequence the color of the stars according to their temperature. list the coolest clor first.
red (cooler)
blue (hotter)
six steps in the life cycle of a small star beginning with its birth and ending with its death.
nebula (beginning)
main sequence
red giant
white dwarf
black dwarf (death)
the moon's surface is pockmarked with craters because the moon :
has little or no atmosphere.
Mars has a reddish-pink sky because of:
blowing red dust makes it appear that color
the inner planets are separated from the outer planets by:
an asteroid belt
A star is born when
nuclear fusion starts in the core
During a solar eclipse
the moon blocks out the sun
Kepler showed that the orbits of the planets are
which of the following would affect a star's apparent brightness as viewed from Earth?
temperature, size, and distance from Earth
the surface temperature of a star can be estimated based on the star's
An observation of the red shift of galaxies suggest that the universe is
clusters of galaxies can form larger groups called
The moon enters a full moon phase about once every
Which part of a telescope enlarges the image?
eyepiece lens
Which of the inner planets have a thick atmosphere composed of 95% carbon dioxide?
Most of the outer planets were studies by
Voyager 2
The moon of Jupiter that has active volcanoes is:
Which part of the sun do we normally see?
"shooting stars" are actually
Main sequence stars with the brightest absolute magnitude are generally
If a star's mass can help to determine the star's surface temperature, then it is likely that the mass can also help to determine the star's
protostars enter the main sequence after they:
begin nuclear fusion
The sun and other stars produce energy because:
hydrogen nuclei are fusing into helium nuclei in the core
red shift indicates that:
an object is moving away from the viewer
a ____ telescope, only uses a convex lenses to focus light and enlarge the image.