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75 grams = ? milligrams
75,000 milligrams
486,000 milliliters=? kiloliters
.486 kiloliters
definition of matter
anything that has mass and takes up space (has volume)
no hint
properties of matter
physical and chemical
no hint
physical properties include:
mass, volume, density, specific gravity, state, phase, color, smell, texture, taste, shape
no hint
amount of matter in an object
mass does matter
the mass of the object compared to the volume of the object. (How well packed the object is)
amount of space an object takes up.
L x W x H
no hint
mechanical and chemical brakdown of food begins in the....
what is the coefficient?
the larger number that is the number of molecules in the equation (this can be changed)
no hint
what is the subscript?
the number on the botttom that tells you the number of atoms and can't be changed.
no hint
what does "H" represent?
no hint
what measures time?
clock, in seconds
tick tock
what measures mass?
triple bean balance, measured in kilograms
no hint
what measures volume?
meniscus, measured in milliliters or centimeters cubed
no hint
boiling point of water in degrees celcius?
100 degrees
how many times does the earth rotate in a month?
about 30 times
band of colors formed when white light asses through a prism is called a?
a. lens
b. photograph
c. spectrum
d. ray
c. spectrum
no hint
a could of as and dust is called a?
a. quasar
b. pulsar
c. hollywood
d. galaxy
a. quasar
no hint
How long does it take light from a quasar 6 billion light-years away to reach earth?
a. 6 minutes
b. 6 years
c. 6 million years
d. 6 billion years
6. 6 billion years
billion light years is very far away
disease that effects a large number of people or animals
outbreak of a disease over a large geographic area and occurring over a long period of time
bigger then epi
what was the first pandemic?
origionated in East Africa and was carried down the nile into EGYPT, called Justinian's plague. Spread also to CONSTANTINOPLE
the study of everything that lies beyond the earth's atmosphere.
no hint
why do plagues occur?
they occur when a disease is introduced to a part of the world that is not yet immune to the certain diesase
no hint