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atronomers divinde the sjy into ?
what is the term for the speed of gas molecules?
why do astronmers often place telelscopes of mountain tops?
drier atmosphere.. thinner air and less polution
who was the first scientist to sucesfully use a telelscope to observe the night sky?
he was the first to publish a thery that eventuaully revolutionized astronomy, that the sun is the middle of the unioversoand the planets orbit the sun
the lenght of the day is based on
he explained why moons orbit the planents--gravity
wat r nebulas?
interstellar clouds of dust and gas
wat statement bst describes gravity?
gravity is stronger when the objects are closer together
he incorrectly theorized the motion of the planents the best of his time.
the ___ is the imaginary point point in the sky directly above the obsever
if 2 stars are differeent colors, you can iner that they have different __
which process releases the most energy?
nuclear fusion
if u break a pencil in half.. its representing wat?
physical change
wat is matter
anything with volume and mass
to measure water correctly u have to read the scale on a graduated cylindar at the ___ point of a miniscus
gravity affects an objects ____
wat is inertia?
tendancy of all object to resist change in motion
the SI unit of force is the _____
the amount of space takan up in an object is the ??
describe the particles of liqued
closly pact but still allow each other to slide past one and other
give an example of an exothermic change
melting ice to water
wat does viscous mean?
liquid resistance to flow
describe an amorphous solid
so particular pattern
wat is an example of endothermic change
energy being take-in in
a surface forms sperical drops labeled?
surface tension
according to charles law, if u were to put an inflated balloon in a freezer for ten minutes wat would happen?
it would shrink or deflate
name the 4 most familiar states of matter
solid liquid gas plasma
3 catagories of elements are
metals, metalloids , nonmetals
the the periodic table elements are classified as
metal non metal and metalloids