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This is a diagram of _______?
The Electromagnetic Spectrum.
The _________________ Spectrum.

Reflection of light in all directions
Ultraviolet radiation
Radiation which has SHORTER wavelengths than visible light
Infrared radiation
Radiation which has LONGER wavelengths than visible light.
When Earth's surface is heated, some of the energy is radiated back into the atmosphere as?
Infrared radiation
The greenhouse effect is caused by?
Infrared radiation from the Earth's surface is absorbed by gases in the air.
1. water vapor
2. carbon dioxide
3. methane
The main gases which cause the greenhouse effect are?
The greenhouse effect is a natural process? yes or no
YES, but human activities over the past 200 years may be increasing the effect and warming the atmosphere.
What is scattering?
The reflection of light in all directions
Of the three forms of radiation, which is the dangerous one?
Ultraviolet radiation. It can cause sunburns, skin cancer, and eye damage.
Name the colors of visible light.
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
Name the color of the visible spectrum with the longest wavelength?
Red light
Electromagnetic waves are classified according to _____.