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the sum of all matter and energy that exists, that ever has existed, and that ever will exist
a huge ball of hot gas that emits light
a collection of millions or billions fof stars that bound together by gravity
Light year
a unit of distance equal to the distance light travels in one year; 1 ly=9.5 X 10 to the 15th m power
Interstellar matter
the gas between the stars in a galaxy
Red shift
a shift toward the red end of the spectrum in the observed spectral lines of stars or galaxies
Big bang theory
a scientific theory that states that the universe began 10 billion to 20 billion years ago in an enormous explosion
a group of stars appering in a patter as seen from Earth
Red Giant
a large, reddish star late in its life sycle that fuses helium into carbon or oxygen
Whit dwarf
a small, very dense star that remains after fusion in a red giant stops
an extremly large star that creates elements as heavy as iron
a powerful explosion that occurs when a massive star dies
Neutron star
a dead star with the density of atomic nuclei
Black hole
an object so massive and dense that not even light can escape its gravity
any of the nine primary bodies orbiting the sun; a similar body orbiting another star
Nebular model
a model that describes the sun and the solar system forming together out of a cloud of gas and dust
the different apparent shapes of the moon or a planet due to the relative positions of the sun, Earth, and the moon or planet