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Symbiotic Relationship
Mutualism-Both organisms benefit (Hippo and Bird)
Commensalism- One organism benefits, themother isn't harmed (Tree and Squirrel)
Parastitsm- One benefits, the other is harmed (Puppy and Ringworm)
Shape and Function
In living thing (or parts of living things) the shape often helps something perfomr it's function
Theory of Acquired Traits
Traits acquired over a lifetime are inherited by their offspring (FALSE!!)
Cell Theory
1> All living things are made up of one or more cells
2> Cells are the basic unit structures and function of ALL living things
3> All cells come from other cells that already exist
Natural Selection
1> Organism can reproduce more offspring than can survive
2> Variations occur among individuals in a species
3> Varaitions can be passed down to their offspring
4> Some of these variations are good, and the organisms surviv and reproduce
5> The organisms pass the variations down and might even start their own species