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short wavelenghts are?
medium wavelenghts are?
visible light
long wavelenghts are?
sunburns are caused by?
ultraviolet radiation
what can be felt as heat?
infrared radiation
electromagnetic waves are classified according to?
visible light with the shortest wavelength is?
what are electromagnetic waves?
a form of energy that can travel through space
what is radiation?
the direct transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
what is infrared radiation?
a form of energy with wavelenghts that are longer than red light
what is ultravolet radiation?
a form of energy with wavelenghts that are shorter than violet light
what is scattering?
reflection of light in all directions
what is the greenhouse effect?
the holding of heat by gases on the air
how is air temperature measured?
by a thermometer
at what temperature on the Celsius scale does pure water boil and freeze?
0 degrees and 100 degrees