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the space where electric forces occur around an object.
electric field
measure of the extra positive or negative particles that an object has.
objects with different charges do THIS.
attract or pull each other
2 types of charges.
positive and negative
the push or pull between objects with different charges.
electric force
objects with the same charge do THIS.
repel or push away from each other.
Objects become electrically charges when THIS happens.
when they gain or lose negative charges.
the charge that stays on an object.
static electricity
adds energy to a circuit.
electric cell
material that currents cannot easily move through.
a flow of electric charges
electric current
a material that resists but doesn't stop the flow of current.
currents are measured in THIS.
THIS is an example of an electric cell.
path for an electric current.
material that currents move easily through.
Most of THESE are good conductors of electric currents
a circuit that has more than 1 path for the current to travel.
parallel circuit
the energy a battery can provide is measured in THIS.
a circuit that has only one path for the current.
series circuit
the space all around a magnet where the force of the magnet can act.
magnetic field
an object that attracts certain materials, usually objects made of iron or steel.
Where is a magnets pull the strongest?
at the poles.
a compass needle interacts with THIS.
Earth's magnetic field.
What are the magnet's 2 ends called?
magnetic poles
What are 2 ways to make an electromagnet stronger?
make more loops; increase the current.
a core wrapped with wires that carry current.
Where can electromagnets be found?
computer disk drives, video players, television screens, and other electronic devices.
What produces electricity from a magnetic field?
An electromagnet is magnetic only when THIS happens.
When there is a current in the wire.