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What kind of trees absorb water at different times of the day?
Bigger types of trees can absorb water at different times of day.
If you were measuring two trees of the same species and one trees was wider you could...
infer that the wider trees was older and taller.
What plants have long roots to absorb more nutrients from the mud.
Water lilys.
What plant has stems that can cling in order to absorb lots of sunlight.
Most vines do.
Water and carbon dioxide in the leaves can combine to
make gluctosse a simply form of sugar.
Most plants suck their water through
Sunlight is trapped through a
leaf's chrophyll.
What does a flowering plant need to begin to grow?
warmth,water,and air.
Grass is an example of
a fibrous root.
What process is it when a stem of one plant is joined with another plant to form a new and improved plant.
What process is when a plant sprouts?
Deep roots that have tiny hairs on them to absorb water are called
What process is when each half of a leaf is a mirror image of an other
The process of when plants make their own food is called
Nutrients are
substances that all living things need to grow.