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The instrument that is used to measure relative humidity is the...
The instrument used to measure the speed of the wind is the...
The instrument used to measure the amount of energy in something is the....
The instrument that is used to measure the air pressure is the....
The instrument that is used to show the direction of the wind is the....
Weather vane
The temeperature at which the water in the air condenses is the .........
Dew Point
A cloud that is on the ground is .....
Moisture that falls to the earth as snow, sleet, hail. or rain is called...
Which direction do the winds blow in a high pressure area?
From the center
In which direction do winds turn in a low pressure area?
Counter clockwise
Clouds that are formed in layers are called....
Maritime polar is an air masss that is ________, ______pressure,and ___________
cool, high pressure and humid
Maritime tropical has and air mass that is _______, _________pressure, and _______.
warm, low pressure, and humid
What is the name for a large low presure area in our part of the world?
What do you call the heat that is carried with water vapor?
Latent Heat
What do you call the rapidly moving belt of air above the troposphere?
Jet Stream
The amount of water vapor in the air compared to what it could hold is called the ....
Relative Humidity
What is the name of the instrument used to measure the air presssure called?
what is the water part of the Earth called?
What two things are used to classify clouds?
Shape and altitude
What do you call the movement of water from one state to another as heat energy is added and removed?
Water Cycle
Clouds that are high and feathery are called....
Water is lost from the leaves of plants as they grow. What is this called?
The boundary where two air masses meet is called the .....