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Distance travled divided by the time interval during which the motion occured
if distance and interval are in the answer then the only thing left is speed
quntity describing both speed and direction
when those kids go to velocitythen went to get back with their speed and first step (direction) for basketball
a quantity defined as the product of an objects mass and its velocity
when their is the word mass just think of MMMMMomentum
change in velocity divided by the time interval in whcih the change occured
when you see the word Change then think acceleration cuz when you CHANGE your speed your accelerating
the cause of acceleration, or change in an objects velocity
when force is applied is Causes something or changes
balanced forces
forces acting on an object that combine to prodce a net force equal to zero
explains itself..when something combines and it goes to zero then its balanced
unbalanced forces
forces acting on an object that combine to produce a nonzero force
so if its not zero its Non zero so that means its not balanced
the force between two objects in contact that opposes the motion of either object
self explanitory
the attraction between two particles of matter due to their mass
gravity keeps object on the ground and so does fat people and their mass
the tendency of an object to remain at rest or in motion with a constant velocity
ertia= everything the same.. and in means your in it
free fall
the motion of a body when only the force of gravity is acting on it

terminal velocity
the maximum velocity reached by a falling object that occurs when the resistance of the medium is equal to the force due to gravity
A parachute..or sky diver..the point when the parachute opens up but your stll going down