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What does the volume of a liquid tell about that liquid?
the amount of space the liquid takes up
How is the shape of a solid different from the shape of a liquid?
a solid has its own shape, and a liquid does not
What tool do scientists use to measure mass?
a balance
What is the unit C used to measure?
Describe how the speed of the small parts of matter changes when the matter is cooled.
the small parts of matter move more slowly
A table is 200 centimeters long. How many meters long is the table?
2 meters
Water vapor is rising from a pan of boiling water. What physical change is taking place?
A measure of the amount of matter in an object is called________________.
A solid has its own ________ and _______.
shape and volume
What do you measure with a meter stick?
your arm length
How many meters are in one kilometer?
The word part milli- means __________
one one thousandth
What is an example of matter?
the leaf of a plant
What is about the mass of your pencil?
2 grams
What is a graduate used to measure?
the volume of a liquid