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What is the transition zone?
extending from the bottom of the surface zone to a depth of about 1 kilometer.
what are the conditions of the transition zone?
The water is darker and colder
what are the conditions of the deep zone?
Harsh-- cold and dark
Food supply is limited
What is the production of light by living things called?
How does bioluminescence occur?
Different ways: 1) sometimes light is produced by bacteria that live on the body of fishes. 2) Other times
the chemical reactions take place on the body of fishes
What are some of the adaptions organisms need to live in the deep zone?
Food is scarce so they must be good hunters. Bioluminescence provides light but also attracts prey.
What is a hydrothermal vent?
A place where hot water rises out of cracks in the ocean floor
Where are hydrothermal vents located?
Along ocean ridges where plates are moving apart. Magma beneath the ocean floor heats the water.
Why are hydrothermal vents important to organisms in teh deep ocean?
Because bacteria can feed on the chemical nutrients that are carried through the vent from the earth's interior. These bacteria form the base of a food web at a hydrothermal vent.
True or false

The organisms around a hydrothermal vent are typical of deep zone organisms.