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The ability to make changes in matter.
Kinetic Energy
The energy of motion
Potential Energy
The energy an opject has because of its condition or position.
Solar Energy
Energy that comes from the sun.
Chemical Energy
The energy stored in fuel is chemical energy. This is the energy that can be released by a chemical reaction
Transfer of thermal(heat) energy from one object directly into another. Like an iron on pants.
The transfer of thermal(heat) energy through the movement of a gas or a liquid.
The transfer of energy by waves that move through matter and space.
Using less of something to make the supply last longer. (Like using less hot water)
Renewable Resource
A resource that can be replaced within a reasonable amount of time. (like solar energy - suns rays can be changed into electricity by solar cells)
Energy Transfer
The movement of energy from one object to another.
Light is radiation we see
Heat is radiation we feel. The transfer of thermal energy between objects with different temperatures.
Mechanical Energy
The combination of all the potential and kinetic energy that something has. Rollercoaster
Reflection happens when heat or light bounces off an object.