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what type of experiment is used in science?
controlled experiment
what does every scientific experiment need?
independent and dependent variables
what is science?
it is based on the scientific method and the world around you
what is tech.?
practical application of science
what is a possible solution?
what is any variation in an individual or group of organisms that makes it better able to cope with its enviornment
what is a cell structure that performs a function
what tests hypothesis
what are personalities of scientists?
curious and excited to learn about new things
what do you look for if object is living?
look for growth, developement, reproduction, metabolsim, and homeostasis or adaptation
what are steps of scientific method?
observation, state problem, gather info on problme, hypothesis, experiment, gather data, conclusion, revise hypothesis, and publish work
what are levels of organization?
atom, molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism
what do organelles do?
carry out life functions
what are 2 limitations of science?
money, ethics, politics
what is a law?
description of repeated event in nature
what is a theory?
scientific explaination in which there is a high degree of confidance
what is a hypothesis?
possible solution to a problem based on all currently known facts
what is needed in order to build new cell parts?
what is needed for an organism to continue living?
growth, developement, reproduction, metabolism, homestasis, adaptation
what is growth
building up of matter in an organism
what is developement
changes that take place during an organisms life
what is reproduction
replacing the dying organisms with a population
what is metabolism
the chemical changes in an organisms life
what is homeostasis?
regulation of an organism's internal enviornment to maintain conditions suitable for life is known
diff. between mulit- and uni- cellular
uni- 1 cell (simple)
multi- many cells (complex)