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when does magma stop rising
when it reaches the surface or becomes trapped
what is a good model of an erupting volcano
carbon dioxide rushing out out of soda pop
what happens during a volcanic eruption
the gases dissolved in the magma rush out carrying the magma
what are features volcanoes share
pocket of magma and crack to the surface
what is a lava flow
an area covered by lava as it pours out of a vent
what way is a volcanos pipe
what factors determine a volcanic eruption
force thickness silica and temperature
whaat is rhyolite
has the same composition as granite
how does obsidian form
forms when high silica lava cools quickly
how does pumice form
when gas bubbles are trapped in cooling lava
how does basalt form
from low silica lava
is a volcanic eruption quiet or loud when lava is thick and sticky
what is hotfast moving lava
what is slow moving lava
what is volcanic ash
sand sized ash