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exerting a force on an object over a distance in the same direction as the object's motion.
unit of measure used for work; a joule is equal to one newton-meter.
simple machine
a device that does work with only one movement - changes the size or direction of a force; a pully, an inclined plane, a wheel and axle, and the three classes of levers.
inclined plane
a simple machine with a sloped surface that makes it easier to lift objects - for example, a moving van ramp.
an inclined plane wrapped around a rod; this simple machine makes it easier to hold objects together.
an inclined plan with one or two sloping sides; examples of this simple machine include knives and chisels.
a simple machine made from a bar or rod that is free to rotate around a fulcrum; examples include seesaws and fishing rods.
wheel and axle
a simple machine that is made with two wheels of different sizes that are connected and turn together - for example, doorknobs and fishing reels.
a simple machine composed of a surface with a chain or rope going around it and that can be either fixed or movable.
compound machine
a machine made from the combination of two or more simple machines - for example, hand can openers and bicycles.
the pivot point around which a lever turns.