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The number of elements are

a. about 4
b. about 50
c. about 100
The particle in the atom that is found outside the nucleus is the

a. electron
b. proton
c. neutron
An example of a physical property is

a. "this substance is blue"
b. "this substance can burn"
c. "this substance reacts with acid"
Lemonade is an example of

a. an element
b. compound
c. solution
Which of these is an example of a compound?

a. iron
b. hydrogen
c. rust
Sodium and chlorine con combine for form

a. bone
b. salt
c. water
The physical property that describes how much a substance will stretch or bend if

a. hardness
b. elasticity
c. magnetism
Ash is a new substance formed when

a. a fruit turns moldy
b. pyrite comes in contact
with acid
c. wood is burned
When two or more atoms join together, they form a

a. combination
b. model
c. molecule
Knowing about chemical properties can help in identifying

a. protons and neutrons
b. mixtures and solutions
c.elements and compounds
Iron atoms combine with oxygen atoms to form

a. fool's gold
b. rust
c. ashes
periodic table
A chart that classifies elements by their properties is a ___________________
An example of a change that is NOT a chemical change is

a. batter baked into a ckae
b. cut apples turning brown
in the air
c. cucumbers tossed with lettuce for a salad
When the atoms of different elements combine to make a new substance, the substance is called a _________________
A substance that acan be combines with baking soda to produce carbon dioxide is
An ice cube is a _____________
H O is the symbol for ________
A puddle of water is a _______