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All the remainning water that moves over Earth's surface
Tiny grooves in the soil formed when runoff travels
A large groove, or channel, in the soil that carries runoff after a rainstorm
A channel along which water is continually flowing down a slope
A large stream
A stream that flows into a larger stream
The land area from which a river and its tributaries collect their water
Drainage Basin
A wide, sloping deposit of sediment formed where a stream leaves a mountain range
Alluvial Fan
Sediment deposited where a river flows into an ocean or lake and builds up a landform
As a river approaches sea level, it may meander more and develop a wider valley and a broader flood plain
Valley Widening
Sand carried downstream by rivers spreads along the coast to form beaches
When a river's power of erosion widens its valley rather than deepening it; The San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers both have vast flood plains.
Flood Plain
As the river flows, it cuts a deeper valley. Many California rivers in the Sierra Nevada have steep, V-shaped valleys, except where glaciers have carved the valley walls. Examples include the Merced and Tuolumne rivers.
V-Shaped Valley
Common where the river passes over harder rock, many California rivers have them, common on fast-flowing rivers like the Trinity and the American rivers
Waterfalls and Rapids
The flat, wide area of land along a river
Flood Plain
The high ground between two drainage basins
A looplike bend in the course of a river
A meander that has been cut off from the river
Oxbow Lake