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Physical property
Any characterisitic of matter-such as color, shape, and taste-that can be detected by the senses without changing the identity of the matter.
Compounds made of a metal and nonmetal that are formed along with water when acids and bases react with each other.
Chemical property
Characteristic of something that permits its change into something new.
Physical property of matter that can be found by divinding the matter's mass by it's volume.
Describes how easily something reacts with something else.
Chemical change
Any change of material into a new material with different properties.
Physical change
Any change in size, shape, form, or state of matter in which the matter's identity remains the same.
Ex: A balloon that is deflated has the same characterisitics as one that is blown up. Same rubbery feeling and color.
State of matter
Physical property that describes a substance as a solid, liquid, or gas.