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Forms of antigens that give you active immunity to a disease without getting the disease first are called __________.
a characteristic of passive immunity
does not last long
The process of heating a liquid to kill much of the bacteria in milk and other liquids is called
Redness, swelling, and pain are all signs of what?
a defense against pathogens that are used by your digestive system?
hydrochloric acids
Your __________ acts as a barrier that prevents many pathogens from entering your body.
unbroken skin
Molecules that are foreign to your body are called __________.
White blood cells called __________ are important in specific defenses against pathogens.
With __________ some antibodies stay on duty in your blood, and more are produced rapidly if the pathogen enters your body again.
active immunity
What is the job of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States?
monitors the spread of infectous disease
Which one of the following is a viral STD?
genital herpes
How can a person become infected with HIV?
having sex with an infected person
What body system is attacked when a person is infected with HIV?
immune system
What Bacterial STD has three stages and starts with a sore on the mouth or genitals?
Which one of the following is a viral STD?
genital herpes
An example of a biological vector is __________.
a mosqueto
a dog
a cat
a bird??
Which one of the following could be described as a minute piece of genetic material that multiplies in host cells?
Who developed a way to tell which specific organism caused a specific disease?
Robert Koch
What is an overly strong reaction of the immune system to a foreign substance called?
Diabetes is a chronic disease associated with levels of __________ produced by the pancreas
Which one of the following is a chemical that can cause a chronic lung disease when inhaled?
Which one of the following is a characteristic of cancer cells?
their growth is uncontrolled
__________ is the leading cause of cancer deaths for males in the United States.
lung cancer
What can increase your risk of getting cancer?
exposure to X rays

exposure to ultraviolet rays of the Sun

exposure to carcinogens
Surgery, irradiation with X rays, and chemotherapy have been used to treat __________.