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A hydraulic system______ pressure?
Standard air pressure is
__________ inches of mercury.
When a driver rises to the surface from a great depth in the ocean, she is going from _____ to ______pressure.
High to Low
The foward force on a plane that helps it gather speed in order to take off is known as ________.
In a Hydraulic system, pressure is transmitted ______ in all directions through a ________.
Equally, liquid
A manometer measures _______ _______?
liquid pressure
Suction in a suction cup occurs b/c of ________ air pressure?
The air pressure on top of Mt. Everest is ______ than the air pressure on the bottom?
What is the reason an airplane is able to fly?
Bernoulli's Principle
The air resistance on plane during take off is called _________?
As the speed of fluid increases, it's pressure ___________?
The force that is on the bottom of the wing during take off is called _______?
The pressure on a plane's wing is greater on the _____ of the wings and less on the ____?
Bottom, top
As you go deeper in the ocean the pressure _______?
As you go higher in elevation, pressure _______?
What type of weather will occur if a Low Pressure system is present?
wet, moist conditions
What type of weather will occur if a High Pressure system is present?
dry, fair weather
Why does air have pressure?
B/c of the wieght of the colum of air going up in the atmosphere
Fluids can be both _____ and ______?
liquids and gases
Streamlining an airplane reduces _________?
Manometer measures?
pressure of water
Barometer measures?
pressure of air
___A___ B ___c___
A= Faster
B= Slower
C= FAster
The principle behind hydraulic devices is that pressure is transmitted equally in all directions in a _______
1. Barber chair
2. Backhoe shovel
3. Car breaking system
3 Examples of a Hydraulic