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This is the part that holds the plant in the ground. It is called the what?
A broad leaf with only one part is called what?
a simple leaf
What part of the plant takes in water and nutrients? It is the pipeline to the
leaf's home.
the root or roots
a plant that grows from a seed is called a what?
a seed plant
Some plants don't have flowers. They have what?
cone or cones
Name the two kinds of broad leaves.
a simple leaf and compound leaf
This is what a plant needs to eat in order to grow (other than water).
Name the part of the plant that holds up the leaves.
the stem
What is the part of the plant where food is made? It is the kitchen of the plant.
the leaf
A broad leaf with many parts with lots of little leaves is called what?
a compound leaf
What is the part of the plant where fruits and seeds form?
the flower
What do you call the plant's germination, growth, and formation of new seeds?
plant life cycle