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an animal that has a back bone
examples of vertebrate
fish, amphibians,reptiles,birds and mammals
animals without backbones
(less than 5% of all living things)
examples of invertebrates
insects, jellyfish,worms
What characteristic do all animals share
they have a multicellular makeup
made of many cells
animal cells are eukaryotic which means
they have a nucleus, no cell wal but cell membranes
sexual reproduction
almost all animals reproduce sexually by producing egg or sperm
when egg and sperm join during fertilizaion
they form first cell of new organism
first cell divides into many cells to form an
few animals reproduce by budding
when a part of an organism drops off and forms a new organism
when cells develop into different kinds of cells (skin, muscle, nerve, etc)
most animals have organ. organs are
a group of tissues that carry out a special function of the body.(heart, lungs, kidneys, etc)
Animals move from place to place to find
Animals are consumers which means they cannot produce they cannot produce their own food. consumers is
an organism that eats other organisms
five characteristics that separate animals from other organisms
multicellular makeup, reproduce sexually,have specialized parts, move to get food, they are consumers
innate behavior
inherited through the genes
some show at birth and others show after time
learned behavior
learned from experience or from watching other animals
to survive animals must
find food,mark territory nadbe defensive,
animals that eat other animals are
animal that is being eaten
an area occupied by one or group of animals that do not let animals of another species enter
animals use territory for
mating, raising young and finding food
special behaviors animals use to help them find a mate
one seasonal behavior is
to travel from one place to another
animals use what to find their way when migrating?
a period of inactivity and decreased body temperature
animals hibernate because
it helps them cope with food and water shortages
during hibernation they survive on
stored body fat
a period of reduced activity in summer is called
the internal control of an animals natural cycle is called
biological clock
clues animal use may be
legnth of day or temperature to set their clocks
daily cycles are called
circadain rythms (example waking and getting sleepy at the same time each day)
long cycles are
seasonal cycles(hibernating at certain time of year, or reproducig at certain time)
a transfer of a signal or message from one animal to another that results in some type of response
social behavior
the interaction between animals of the same species
animals communicate through
sound, touch, chemicals ,sight (body language)
chemicals used to communicate are called
benefits of living together
safer and easier to get food
negative to living in group
must compete for food and mates, also groups attract predators and disease can spread more easily